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Global Security Exchange (GSX) Daily 2023 in bold type over a background of concrete fading into an image of a Dallas, Texas road.

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Your Daily Guide to GSX 2023

The Security Management team is back in the saddle to bring you the GSX Daily, which will share new security trends, educational opportunities to explore emerging technology, and activities where you can network with your peers from around the globe at GSX 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

Before traveling to the show, we'll be sharing materials to help you prep for the action-packed week in Dallas. During GSX itself, we will send a daily email full of insights on how to make the most of your time in Texas. We'll also be posting all of our content to this landing page to make it easy to find before, during, and after GSX.

If this is your first rodeo, or even your 10th, we recommend downloading the GSX app (Apple users here, Android users here); double-checking your inbox to ensure Security Management is on your contacts list so you don't miss the GSX Daily newsletters; bookmarking this page; and following us on Twitter/X and Instagram. 



Security and Surveillance Solutions Like No Other

At GSX 2023, Hanwha Vision is showcasing an array of new products and solutions in Booth #3123 in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hanwha stands at the forefront of AI innovation and will demonstrate new uses of AI in PTZ and Q series cameras, delivering precise detection, robust search capabilities, elevated data analysis, and enhanced image quality. Also on display will be FLEX AI technology machine learning which helps our cameras continually learn to recognize key objects for more efficient operation.

Wednesday, 13 September


The Last Roundup. It's our final day in Dallas. But never fear, there's a whirlwind of events planned for today and our Wednesday guide has guidance on how to hit almost all of them. Read: "Your Wednesday GSX 2023 Guide"

Authenticity in Action. Is it time to listen to respond or listen to learn? It depends on the situation, says Sylvia Long-Tolbert, PhD, founder of Know More Marketing and a speaker at the GSX Game Changer panel on navigating global mistrust. In this bonus GSX Daily episode of the SM Highlights podcast, sponsored by South Dakota, learn how to practice and leverage soft skills to drive more effective and impactful crisis preparation, response, and recovery by connecting authentically with internal and external stakeholders. Listen: "Does Authenticity Outweigh Technical Knowledge During a Crisis?"


The Tech Advantage. Three GSX 2023 presenters shared how security practitioners can leverage technology to help prevent incidents from occurring on their watch. Read: "Leveraging Technology for More Proactive Security"


Save the Date. Europe's leading gathering for established and aspiring leaders— ASIS Europe: From Risk to Resilience—will be in Vienna, Austria, for its next edition on 21-23 March 2024. Read: "Views from Vienna at ASIS Europe 2024"


Remote Risks. Working from home has skyrocketed in popularity during the past three years. But how do you keep the workplace safe when the new office is someone's home? Deb Andersen, PSP, security administrator, physical and cybersecurity at MWI Direct, provided some insights in this GSX 2023 education session. Read: "Workplace Safety: How to Address Remote Risks"


Security Awarded. GSX 2023 attendees celebrated the winners of the ASIS International and U.S. Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs). Read: "Security Excellence Awarded"

Tuesday, 12 September


Today's Agenda. Two-step your way into Tuesday at GSX 2023 with our guide to education sessions you won't want to miss, spots on the exhibit hall floor, and when to put your dancing boots on for ASIS Celebrates! sponsored by FiscalNote and Securitas. Read: "Your Tuesday GSX 2023 Guide"

Security Service. Security and guest services teams might have different priorities in major events and tradeshows, but it’s invaluable to train each group in the other’s competencies to leverage the best of both worlds. In this special GSX Daily episode of the SM Highlights podcast, sponsored by Securitas, Mark Herrera, director of safety and security for the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), shares some best practices about how these two functions can help each other—and the enterprise as a whole. Listen: "Where Security and Guest Services Cross-Pollinate"


Committed to Ukraine. Russia’s victory would set the stage for a new era of flourishing authoritarianism, increased defense spending in Europe and the United States, and a potential threat to the global world order, said Radosław “Radek” Sikorski, member of the European Parliament (MP) representing the Kyavian-Pomeranian region of Poland and a general session speaker at GSX 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Read: "Sikorski: Why We Should Be Committed to Ukraine"

We'll Do it Live. SM Live is an exclusive show taking place in Dallas during GSX 2023. It features on-the-spot interviews with CSOs, industry veterans, innovators, and more. Watch Episode One.


Redesigning in Dallas. As plans to renovate, expand, and build new portions of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, move forward, this is a key moment for security stakeholders to gain a seat at the table to help influence choices and ensure security is integrated into the final project design. Four security and design experts helped prepare security practitioners to seize the moment at a GSX 2023 pre-conference session. Read: "Redesigning in Dallas"


Make Better Intros. Elevator pitches and introductions frequently go wrong when the speaker tries to fit in too much information in a short speech. Instead, CSO Secure Horizons attendees learned how to leverage storytelling and emotion to connect more effectively with listeners within 30 seconds. Read: "For an Impactful Elevator Pitch, Aim to Connect Emotionally"


We Should Talk. A GSX 2023 pre-conference workshop on enterprise security risk management (ESRM) gave security practitioners a chance to learn how to use this approach to create connections and influence with the c-suite. Read: "Using ESRM to Gain a Seat at the Table"


Perfecting Partnership. Panelists at a GSX 2023 education session attribute the success of U.S. chemical security to trust and partnership between public and private sector stakeholders. Read: "Chemical Security: It's a Partnership Thing"


Red Flag Alert. With the right preparations and support, a threat assessment could be more effective than a time machine in stopping an active shooter. A security specialist from FedEx explains how to use threat assessments for a more proactive security posture in a session at GSX 2023. Read: "How to Look Out for Potential Attacker Red Flags"

Monday, 11 September


Today's Agenda. GSX 2023 officially kicks off this morning and it’s going to be the action-packed day you’ll need your boots on for (figuratively speaking, we strongly recommend wearing shoes with great arch support onsite in Dallas). Here are some highlights you won't want to miss. Read: "Your Monday GSX 2023 Guide."

Dallas, Post 1963. From hand signals and index cards to earpieces and threat databases, the world of close protection has changed dramatically since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963. In this special bonus episode of the SM Highlights podcast, sponsored by FiscalNote, hear from Stephen Fagin, curator at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, about how the assassination spurred a dramatic evolution in security in Dallas and beyond. Listen: "How the JFK Assassination Changed the World of Close Protection."


Add to your Security Library. Located in Level 2, C Lobby, the ASIS Bookstore sponsored by Dark Horse has classic references on security management, as well as ASIS merchandise and books by GSX session keynote speakers. Read: "Broaden Your Security Knowledge with These Resources."


Topics You Should Be Familiar With. While you've been reviewing the speaker list and preparing for booth meetings at GSX 2023, the Security Management editorial team has been doing the same. We've put together a recommended reading list to bring you up-to-speed on some of the security and management concepts that will be at the forefront of conversations in Dallas. Read: "The SM Editors' Reading Guide for GSX 2023."


Understand the Security and Democracy Dynamic.
Global freedom has declined for 17 years in a row, key reports demonstrate. But GSX keynote speaker and member of the European Parliament Radosław “Radek” Sikorski, says key investments to help win the war in Ukraine could help democracy stage a comeback. Ahead of GSX 2023, Sikorski shared with us how the fight for democracy is a security issue. Read: "Sikorski: Winning in Ukraine Offers Chance for Global Democratic Morale Boost"


Just Be Yourself. Really.
Branding and reputation management expert Lida Citroën joins a two-day intensive workshop at GSX to help CSOs build nuanced communication skills and craft an authentic and effective persona in the C-suite. Citroën sat down with us ahead of traveling to Dallas to share what to expect in the program. Read: "Aim for Authenticity at CSO Secure Horizons."


Create Space for Unexpected Voices. 
Tracy Walder will take the main stage at GSX 2023 on Wednesday, 13 September, to share her experiences in the CIA and FBI, as well as analysis on global conflicts and their security impacts. She spoke with us ahead of the conference to provide insights into how she became a spy and learned to embrace a diverse range of perspectives during her government service. Read: "Unexpected Voices: Former CIA Spy to Speak at GSX 2023."


Plan Your Booth Tours. Just like the security profession itself, security technology is constantly evolving. Check out our GSX 2023 Product Showcase for the latest security technologies, services, and solutions that you'll see in Dallas. Read "GSX 2023 Product Showcase."


Assess the Insider Threat. Insider threats continue to present a threat to organizations of all sizes, across all sectors. Ahead of GSX 2023, Associate Editor Sara Mosqueda takes a look at recent insider threat trends and the learning and networking opportunities in Dallas for security professionals interested in mitigating these new techniques. Read "Security Deep Dive: Assessing the Insider Threat."


Evaluate your Threat Assessment Skills. To get ahead of potential extremist attacks, many security professionals are turning to threat and behavioral assessment techniques and teams. Managing Editor Claire Meyer shares insights on this trend, as well as sessions and exhibit hall opportunities at GSX to put on your calendar while in Dallas. Read "Security Deep Dive: Boosting Your Threat Assessment Savvy."


Familiarize yourself with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence-enabled technologies are developing rapidly. Senior Editor and GSX Daily Editor-in-Chief Megan Gates takes a look at GSX 2023 learning, networking, and exhibit hall solutions for security professionals interested in understanding these new tools while discerning the hype from fact. Read "Security Deep Dive: Understanding the AI Revolution."


Consider your Schedule. What's the best approach to planning your day at GSX? We asked a few security influencers about how they're preparing to spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Dallas. Find out and follow their lead by reading: