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Illustration by Security Technology; iStock

Infographic: How AI is Changing Cybersecurity Jobs

Most cybersecurity professionals believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly impact their jobs in the immediate future, according to a recent survey from ISC2.

In AI in Cyber 2024: Is the Cybersecurity Profession Ready?, the cybersecurity professionals membership association surveyed more than 1,100 practitioners about how AI is impacting their careers and the path forward. Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed said AI will “significantly impact” their jobs in the next few years, with 35 percent responding that they’ve already witnessed its effects.

“Cybersecurity professionals anticipate both the opportunities and challenges AI presents and are concerned their organizations lack the expertise and awareness to introduce AI into their operations securely,” said ISC2 CEO Clar Rosso in a press release announcing the survey results. “This creates a tremendous opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to lead, applying their expertise in secure technology and ensuring its safe and ethical use.”

Below we look at some of the survey’s findings.



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