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Classrooms in Crisis: Helping Students and School Staff Readjust

Security-Management-July-2020.pngAugust 2020 | COVER STORY

Students around the world learned a harsh lesson in 2020: pandemics can have devastating impacts on lives, economies, and schools. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, schools closed, academic terms were truncated, routines were broken, and uncertainty and anxiety permeated students’ home and social lives. Many school systems considered how best to reopen and weighed physical health and safety measures, but school psychology and security experts cautioned not to discount students’ state of mind.

Security in Context

Robust security technology, guarding programs, and services can fall flat when implemented without one essential element—context. Here’s how to collect and consider it for stronger security decision making.

Legal Report

A U.S. state supreme court found that Wisconsin’s governor overstepped in issuing a month-long extension of stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


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