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Book Review: Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics, Second Edition

By Howard A. Harris and Henry C. Lee. CRC Press;
420 pages; $89.95.

0820-Cybersecurity-Introduction-to-Forensic-Science-and-Criminalistics,-Second-Edition.jpgThe topic of forensic science and criminalistics can be of interest to the security profession in the identification and protection of evidence in an investigation, but it is not a function that would normally be the responsibility of a security professional. The second edition of Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics is of value to students of or those engaged in the collection and analysis of evidence in a criminal case.

The authors of the book are leaders in their profession and offer many years of experience, sharing vast original content and knowledge within the publication. As a criminalistics publication it provides an advanced level of information that is current and valuable. The writing style is organized, concise, and easy to read. The chapters follow a logical sequence covering the topics within the book, including physical evidence, crime scene processing, questioned documents, digital evidence, biological evidence, explosives, and drugs, among other things.

Color photographs, charts, and lists within the publication provide excellent visual context to the book, supporting and enhancing the text. The book provides an abundance of references to back up its data and for future reading. The in-depth index allows for easy retrieval and review of relevant information.

Overall, this is an excellent book for its intended audience. It would be of value to those in the security profession who seek to expand their knowledge of this scientific discipline and to have the publication as a professional reference.

Reviewer: Daniel Benny, CPP, PCI, holds a PhD in Criminal Justice and is a tenured associate professor in intelligence and security studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Campus. He is the author of seven textbooks on security matters and has been a member of ASIS International since 1976.