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Book Review: Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques, Fourth Edition

By William L. Fleisher and Nathan J. Gordon. Academic Press;; 406 pages; $125.

0820-ASISNews-Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques.jpgWhile law enforcement, loss prevention, and security experts can learn something from this book, the general public can, too. Its clear, easy-to-read structure will help HR professionals, attorneys, and security practitioners who are tasked with interviewing people and finding truth in the written and spoken word. The authors of this fourth edition of Effective Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques provide a brief overview of the history of interviewing and interrogation and then jump right into the purpose of the book: to make the reader more proficient in searching for the truth.

The authors lay out in detail the steps needed to obtain accurate information from individuals. Included in this process is an understanding of the psychophysiological basis for the assessment as well as techniques that an interviewer can use. Some processes include written assessments, nonverbal communication, and analysis of verbal cues. The book delves into topics such as varied interview and analysis techniques, preemployment interviewing, and report writing, as well as dealing with angry people, children, and mentally challenged subjects. The authors also provide a summary at the end of each chapter, helping the reader focus on that chapter’s crucial points.

The focus and intent of the book is to make the reader more proficient in the interview process, and this book hits the mark. The authors provide case studies to illustrate the methods they mention in the book, and they offer multiple techniques to obtain truth. The search for truth is many times a lengthy process. It is also an extremely important one. This book is a must for the practitioner involved in searching for the truth in today’s highly complex work environment.

Reviewer: Ernie Van der Leest, CPP, is a retired 28-year veteran law enforcement officer. He has conducted hundreds of interviews and interrogations throughout his career. Van der Leest volunteers on the ASIS Investigations and the Law Enforcement Liaison Councils.