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Explore ASIS Resources for Career Development

If you’re aiming to improve your professional trajectory or just learn new security management skills, ASIS International has a wide variety of professional development tools and opportunities, many of which are free to ASIS members. Check out the ASIS Career HQ for a full resource guide, but a short selection of essential resources is included here.

Attending GSX?

GSX—ASIS’s annual extravaganza of networking, education, and professional development opportunities—includes its own Career HQ area (booth #1655). Attendees can take advantage of free career coaching; coaches will be available throughout the event to review resumes, talk career trajectory, and provide timely updates on how to navigate job searching today. Career HQ also includes its own special education stage where you can learn skills to level up your capabilities and market yourself as a security professional.

Also, if you’re attending GSX or another in-person event soon, learn how to maximize your attendance in this webinar, available for free exclusively to ASIS members.

Career HQ - Global Security Exchange (GSX)

Looking for a Mentor?

The Security Leaders Mentoring Program connects any ASIS member at any job level with security practitioner mentors. Mentorship relationships are encouraged to run for at least six months. Mentees can connect with an experienced colleague for guidance and professional advice, gain knowledge and experience, expand their network of contacts, improve job skills, and prepare for career advancement. Mentors achieve recognition as subject matter experts, are exposed to fresh perspectives and ideas, and have the opportunity to inspire change.

Mentoring Program

Transitioning from a Military to Civilian Career?

ASIS has a number of valuable resources to help you translate your public-sector expertise into private-sector security roles. Most recently, ASIS has mapped out how U.S. Army positions, ranks, training, and education align with different civilian security roles so you can determine what key skills you need to focus on and map out how your experience compares to private security positions.

Military to Civilian Career Resources - Army

Aiming for Certification?

Earning an ASIS board certification demonstrates that you possess a mastery of core security principles and skills essential to practice security management. Certification shows you are committed to excellence, professional growth, and a code of conduct. ASIS offers four key certifications for varying skill sets and career states, including the Associate Protection Professional (APP), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), and Certified Protection Professional (CPP)—considered the “gold standard” for security management professionals.

About Certification

Not Sure What You Need?

No worries! ASIS members can join the ASIS Professional Development Community on ASIS Connects to participate in discussions on professional development and career goals, as well as gain access to valuable resources and events. This community promotes personal and professional development in security through academic study, formalized training, certification preparation, leadership development, and business management skills.

Professional Development Community - ASIS Connects