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Ask an ASIS Champion: Insights from Abraham Desantiago

Ahead of GSX 2022, the GSX Daily team reached out to ASIS members around the world to learn more about the security challenges they’ve faced in the past two years, the educational sessions they’re looking forward to in Atlanta, and advice they have for their security peers.Abraham Desantiago, ASIS Champion

Here are some insights from Abraham Desantiago, central alarm monitor supervisor for a diplomatic mission in Caracas, Venezuela, and communications and membership chair for the ASIS Venezuela Chapter.

GSX Daily: What area of security do you work in?

Desantiago: Currently I hold the role of central alarm monitor supervisor in a Diplomatic Mission in Caracas, Venezuela. To be a security supervisor in a physical security system in Venezuela is a daily challenge because there are several conditions that I need to supervise frequently to fulfill the standard operating procedures of the system.

GSX Daily: What has been the biggest security challenge for you in the past two years?

Desantiago: My biggest challenge has been to be better every day. My certification path is still loading! I have finished a diploma course where I learned study techniques and methodologies to keep the Protection of Assets content and ASIS Guidelines in my brain (that is another mission accomplished thanks to Daniel Jimenez CPP, PSP, and Julian Puentes CPP, PSP - Bogota Chapter Board Members).

I want to be a model to the young professionals in LATAM—or from any part of the world. It does not matter what level of the command line you are now, if you study hard and put your heart into a goal, with time you will succeed. And with ASIS International, you will be an outstanding security professional.

GSX Daily: What security topic are you most looking forward to learning about at GSX 2022?

Desantiago: I want to make sure to attend physical security, insider threat, and investigations sessions. As a GSX session reviewer in 2022, I know there is some great content available for all of us.

GSX Daily: What security technology are you hoping to learn more about at GSX 2022?

Desantiago: I want to learn about technology from all the exhibitors during the event. As a physical security supervisor, I know that there are so many companies offering new technology. Access control systems are getting better quickly, so I want to see how these activities will be developed.

GSX Daily: What networking activity at GSX 2022 are you most looking forward to?

Desantiago: On 12 September I will be at the ASIS HUB as the Human Threat Management Community presenter. There I will connect with peers from all over the world and I disseminate information about our community. In addition, the YP Happy Hour sponsored by Securitas will be a hit! I look forward to connecting with peers during those events.

GSX Daily: What advice do you have for first-time GSX attendees?

Desantiago: Mr. Scott Ashworth, MS, CPP, released an article for the ASIS Blog explaining his perspective on Atlanta and why it’s the perfect place to host the international security industry’s premiere conference. Therefore, my advice to all of us is to please read this great article.

GSX Daily: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from a security peer?

Desantiago: “We need to have a high tolerance to failure and frustration, but no matter what we need to keep working hard.”

GSX Daily: How do you destress after a long day?

Desantiago: When I arrive home my two beautiful daughters receive me with such joy that instantly I forget my rough day. My family is amusing and lovable! They help me to be a better man.

GSX Daily: What’s a book, podcast, poem, or movie that’s influenced your work or your life that you would recommend to others?

Desantiago: There are so many…but as I am a family man I would like to recommend the book Be Aware: Strategies for Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe by Brenda Moxley, CPP; Robin Jacobs; and Melisa Neuman. The appraisal and approach given in this book are really reliable and friendly. I am a Venezuelan citizen living in Venezuela, so the whole book has really helpful advice.