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The Call for Climate Proofing

March-2021-CoverMarch/April 2021 | COVER STORY

Natural disasters create a national security threat that scientists, military representatives, and others say needs to be addressed as part of a global response to climate change. Another challenge arises from the resulting changes in mass migration patterns, increases in social tensions, and challenges to human health. According to an assessment from the Center for Climate and Security, every region of the world will face severe risks to national and global security over the next three decades due to increased warming.
     But organizations still have time to improve their resiliency and ability to mitigate the effects of climate change, enhancing security in the process.

Mitigating Rising Risks for High-Rises

The likely evolution of threats to high-rise buildings is expected to continue featuring active shooters and explosive devices, as well as the introduction of viral pathogens as weapons.

Spies in the Supply Chain

A massive intrusion into U.S. government and private sector networks shows how nation-state actors are developing supply chain attacks for cyber space.
legal report

Legal Report

The U.S. Supreme Court determined that three Muslim men can pursue a suit against FBI agents who placed them on a no-fly list.


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Climate Tales

Editor’s Note: Climate Tales

Professionals from a variety of disciplines from folklorists to archeologists are teaming up to uncover how ancient people passed down warnings about natural phenomena to future generations.