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March 2021 Marketplace

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March 2021 Marketplace

airport-security.pngAirport Security

Genetec Inc. provides Security Center for Airports, which can assist in managing security and airport terminal operations at air hubs of all sizes. This solution allows security managers, control room operators, terminal and ground handling staff, and even passenger experience managers to coordinate operations across the platform. To improve security response time, the platform’s features include video management, access control, automatic license plate recognition, boarding route management capabilities, restricted area surveillance, passenger analytics, and more.

Crime-Scene-Reconstruction.jpgCrime Scene Reconstruction

Leica Geosystems offers investigators its Leica Map360, which allows for crash and crime scene diagramming and reconstruction. The software brings together three editions to meet specific needs depending on what technology is used to measure and collect data from a scene. With a new user experience and interface, the Map360 Sketch simplifies incident reconstruction activities with 2D intuitive workflows; an intermediate level of the software, Map360 Standard, introduces 3D capabilities and tools, plus animation; and Map360 Pro offers the advanced ability to create an advanced 3D image and point cloud support.

Thermal-Imaging.jpgThermal Imaging

Seek Thermal has made its API Network and Integration capabilities available for access control, video management systems, and other integrated network capabilities. The Seek Scan thermal imaging system is specifically designed and calibrated to quickly automate body temperature screening, using skin temperature as a proxy, while maintaining social distancing protocols. The system automatically detects a face for measurement and issues an alert if the readings are warmer than the customizable alarm temperature. The thermal scanning system adheres to FDA guidelines and can be used to initiate alarm events, trigger access control and video management systems, and pull historical data to integrate multiple units.

fire-alarm.jpgFire Alarm Management

NAPCO Security Technologies introduced cloud-based programming for its FireLink FACPs, which features an onboard LCD annunciator and LTE cellular, or Cell/IP communicator in a new dual-path model. FireLink can also be programmed from any smart device or tablet, with drop-down menus making it user friendly. Although FireLink Integrated 8-32 Pt Fire Alarm Control Panels start as an 8-point, all-in-one cellular FACP solution, the cloud-programming allows for expansion and customization of the panel across 32 zones, with the ability to use any combination of conventional, addressable, or wireless devices.

privacy-locks.jpgPrivacy Locks

Alarm Lock introduced a COVID-19 solution for quickly converting multi-stall restrooms to single occupancy, encouraging social distancing and helping avoid the spread of the virus. Quickly retrofitting standard locks, wireless Trilogy Privacy Standalone Pushbutton PIN Locks include an inner privacy pushbutton on the inside of the door. The lock will remain engaged until the user leaves or after a customizable “time-out” duration, up to 250 minutes. The lock includes fingertip programming, an all-metal digital keypad or smart ID reader, and options for a GermAway antimicrobial finish.