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April 2016

Behind the Screen

A majority of companies conduct some form of background screening on their permanent employees but not necessarily on third-party or temporary employees, who pose a unique workplace security threat.

A Dearth of Gun Data

​As the gun control debate rages on, another controversy bubbles under the surface: Should the government fund gun violence studies?

Are CEOs Crisis Ready?

Some senior business leaders are at risk of undermining their organization's ability to manage crises because they are not taking crisis preparedness as seriously as they should.

Urgent Calls for Bio Reform

The U.S. biosurveillance enterprise has been plagued with criticism, setbacks, and egregious errors. A bipartisan report calls for reform of how the nation approaches biodefense.

Security Beyond Sunday

A Chicago-area church with thousands of congregants installs a technology to cut down on law enforcement response time.

Info Sharing Déjà Vu

The United States finally enacted legislation to create a cybersecurity information-sharing network. But how does it differ from what's already being done?

Find Your Tribe

Learn why the simple act of laughing is a powerful source of social bonding,

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