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SM Online April 2016


Industry and government leaders address the state of biodefense in a bipartisan study of naturally occurring threats and biological weapons. The report proposes 33 recommendations on reforming, funding, and organizing the biodefense enterprise. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) takes a look at the U.S. biosurveillance enterprise, including the BioWatch program, which detects airborne chemical agents. Officials were hoping to proceed with new technology that would detect potential chemical attacks more quickly, but the GAO found that the program needs better data collection before proceeding with upgrades. In another report, the GAO assesses the National Biosurveillance Integration Center, the information-sharing hub for all agencies that support biosurveillance.


What is the hiring outlook for 2016 and beyond? HireRight's annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report looks at the business outlook, the screening of nontraditional employees, and more. Another HireRight report, Practical Steps for Extended Workforce Screening, delves into the third-party screening issue. And a third report looks at the threat the contingent labor force poses in the workplace​.


The National Labor Relations Board ruled​ that it is unlawful for an employer to implement a work rule prohibiting employees from recording company meetings or conversations with coworkers without a legal or business justification.    


The FBI released a study of active shooter events that occurred between 2000 and 2013. Among the findings: 60 percent of events ended before law enforcement arrived. ​


In a recent crisis management survey​ conducted by Regester Larkin and Steelhenge Consulting, 86 percent of the respondents said they have a crisis management plan, and 59 percent carry out crisis training at least annually. However, senior leaders frequently decline to participate in training or crisis exercises.


"Security Spotlight​" is a monthly feature on the ASIS website highlighting ASIS resources on specific topics in security management. Some resources are available only to members, and many are free for everyone.


Included in the omnibus spending bill (H.R. 2029) enacted in December was the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which creates a cybersecurity information sharing network. Also, two senators introduced a bill (S. 2410) that would require companies that report to the Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose whether any member of their governing body has expertise or experience in cybersecurity.