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Be Cyber Aware: ASIS Resources to Aid Your Organization

The global average cost of a data breach reached a record high in 2022, rising to $4.35 million, according to an annual analysis.

“With breach costs increasing nearly 13 percent over the last two years of the report, the findings suggest these incidents may also be contributing to rising costs of goods and services,” IBM said in a press release on the results of its Cost of a Data Breach Report. “In fact, 60 percent of studied organizations raised their product or services prices due to the breach, when the cost of goods is already soaring worldwide amid inflation and supply chain issues.”

While the costs of data breaches continued to rise in 2021 and 2022, more of our physical lives were becoming digitally connected—from our home offices to virtual doctor’s appointments to the vehicles we drive to the operational technology that runs the critical infrastructure we depend on.

“Much of the function of our daily lives relies on the unseen telecommunications networks that we all too often take for granted until something goes wrong,” said Coleman Wolf, CPP, CISSP, senior security consultant for Environmental Systems Design and chair of the ASIS International Information Technology Security Community. “The level of sophistication required to maintain this complexity also broadens the potential for risks from international attacks or unintended failures. No longer relegated to impacts to data and IT systems, these risks now threaten the physical world.”

For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the ASIS Information Technology Security Community and the Security Applied Sciences Community (SASC) partnered to provide resources and webinars to help make individuals more aware of the changing threat landscape around them to better safeguard people, data, and systems.

“We have recently seen the increased frequency and the increased impacts of ransomware and data breaches making these efforts now more crucial than ever,” Wolf added.

Below are some of the resources the two communities have contributed to. For more information or to receive ASIS cybersecurity announcements, visit its dedicated Resource Page.

Videos on Demand

“The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness for All Employees”

It’s a familiar line for most security managers: your first line of security defense is your employees. In a video for ASIS International, Douglas Beaver, CPP, director of security for the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., with more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement and security management, shares best practices for engaging employees to become part of your cybersecurity defense.

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“About Face: Developments in Use of Facial Biometrics and Legal and Policy Implications”

In this webinar on 12 October 2022, SASC Steering Committee members and regular Security Technology contributors Jon Polly—chief solutions officer, ProTecht Solutions Partners—and Donald Zoufal—president, Crowznest Consulting, Inc.—will discuss technologies that leverage facial biometrics and the legal and ethical concerns around their use cases.

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“Reflections on Cyber Resilience - The Ukrainian Experience”

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has elevated concerns about cybersecurity incidents and the resilience of critical business functions. In this webinar on 19 October 2022, contributed by the ASIS Ukraine Chapter, speakers Alexey Yankovski, Gennadii Reznichenko, and Artem Kobets will discuss cyberattacks launched against Ukraine before and during the first days of the war and how knock-on risks are playing out after six months of the conflict.

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“Securing the Cloud and the Remote Workforce”

The cloud continues to change the way people work and live, but with new benefits come new risks. In this webinar on 25 October 2022, Alex Sharpe—principal, Sharpe Management Consulting—will walk attendees through how the cloud differs from traditional outsourced models and its unique security challenges, including tools that exist and mitigation strategies for the cloud and a remote workforce.

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“Augmented Intelligence’s Impact to Cybersecurity”

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence (AI) use cases for security and risk management continue to evolve. In this webinar on 27 October 2022, Michael Melore—executive cybersecurity advisor/chair of Security Leaders Round Tables, IBM—will share where AI and machine learning are making their greatest impact, insights from a recent Ponemon study, and growing pains in addressing bias and trust.

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Additionally, ASIS’s On Demand Webinar Catalog has a variety of webinars on cybersecurity and the convergence and integration of physical and cybersecurity. These webinars are free to view for ASIS members.