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Security on the Witness Stand

Security-Management-July-2020.pngJuly 2020 | COVER STORY

Can your security program stand up to courtroom scrutiny? Everything from spelling errors in a security officer’s incident report to how witnesses present themselves can color a courtroom’s perception of the security program in question and whether it failed to meet acceptable standards of care.

From documentation to witness statements to video surveillance, learn what lawyers and expert witnesses are watching for in negligent security court cases.

strategic security

Q&A: An Unusual Season

Cathy Lanier, senior vice president of security for the National Football League discusses how the coronavirus pandemic redefined the phrase “game changer” and how she’s already looking at what lies ahead.
Intellectual Property

An Unfair Advantage

The United States is taking a multiprong approach to preventing intellectual property theft. But it needs international partners to succeed.

Flight Risks

End users are increasingly adopting unmanned aerial systems for security and operational needs. But they could be introducing cybersecurity risks in flight.

Security Experts in the Courtroom

The expert witness is present to advocate for his or her opinion about the case—not one side or another—so working with an expert with integrity, consistency, and a diligent commitment to following forensic methodology is essential.

Designing Better School Lockdown Drills

Should lockdown drills in schools be as commonplace as fire drills? New guidance from the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) shares tips for lockdown drill design, content, and variables.

Legal Report

Israel’s largest bank will pay more than $30 million to settle an FBI and IRS investigation into a money laundering conspiracy that aided corruption in the international soccer federation FIFA.

Unusual Suspects

Yale University adopts a business intelligence solution from AMAG to provide greater insight into campus activity and access to sensitive areas.


ASIS International initiates special interest groups to share resources on security matters.