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Shooing Off Copper Crime Waves

November 2018 | COVER STORY

Copper theft can be dangerous—even deadly. Metal theft can have devastating effects on workers, organizations, utilities, communities, and the thieves themselves, and new construction projects planned for Alberta, Canada, could draw in more crime. In this article by Holly Gilbert Stowell, learn how one group of stakeholders launched crime-prevention tools to fight back.

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Career Pathways in Security

Unlike some professions that provide a linear career path, security is diverse, comprising many job roles, salary levels, career opportunities, and sectors.

Safer Shipping

As the maritime industry becomes more intertwined with the ever-growing global supply chain, security plans for ports and vessels are changing.

Something in the Water

When it comes to cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, the electric grid gets most of the attention. But are other utilities vulnerable?

Crossed Wires

A multibillion dollar broadband network reserved primarily for first responders can fix emergency communication issues.

November 2018 Legal Report

Employers—in some circumstances—can be held liable for a nonemployee's behavior that exceeds expected norms, a U.S. appellate court ruled.

Disastrously Unprepared

Reports critiquing the responses to last year’s horrific hurricanes and the Flint water crisis show that an agency’s pre-event failures can be costly.

November 2018 ASIS News

At Global Security Exchange (GSX), formerly the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, the Society recognized the outstanding accomplishments of the profession.