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SM Online November 2018

​Security Careers

ASIS International and the Security Industry Association commissioned research​ to understand the career pathway of security management and supplier personnel, including their educational and professional backgrounds, job titles and responsibilities, and required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Cyber Resilience

Financial services businesses stopped 81 percent of cyberattacks in 2018, compared with 66 percent in 2017, according to a new report from Accenture​. But cybercriminals are attacking with new strategies and breakthrough technology, and financial firms may not be keeping up.

Construction Sites

To prevent theft at construction sites and help law enforcement identify stolen materials, the Provincial Electricity Physical Security Coalition (PEPS) Alberta offers two free documents, the Construction Security Practices Guideline and the Stolen Equipment and Materials Recognition Guide.

Interoperable Communications

A government watchdog report​ outlines the challenges first responders face when communicating with each other.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a Cybersecurity Guide for States, which says that water and wastewater utilities lack resources for IT and security specialists to assist with creating cybersecurity programs.​ 

Banking Worries

When PwC Financial Services surveyed financial professionals​ about their biggest concerns, the top responses were excessive regulation, uncertain economic growth, and geopolitical uncertainty.

Disaster Response

Responses to last year's hurricanes and other disasters show that an agency's pre-event failures can prove costly.

​Employee Misconduct

The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently examined​ how federal agencies address employee misconduct and offered strategies for improvement.


Employers—in some circumstances—can be held liable for a nonemployee's behavior if it exceeds expected norms, a U.S. appellate court ruled.