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Book Review: What’s Your Plan?

What's Your Plan? By James A. DeMeo. Digi-Tall Media;; 82 pages; $20.

This easy-to-read book offers sound planning advice for families attending various events and venues such as sports and entertainment, houses of worship, and universities. While many ideas are well known, the author does a good job emphasizing the importance of taking time as a family to discuss important action steps to take should an emergency occur.

For example, here are some planning points for a family heading to a ball park—and they apply to almost any event.

Do you remember where you parked your car? If you took public transit, can you recall which subway, train, or bus station will bring you back home? Which entrance did you use to enter the stadium? Did you check the weather before you left for the stadium? If you drove your vehicle, did you have a full tank of gas, a flashlight with working batteries, and a roadside emergency kit? Can you recall the clothing your children are wearing if they wander away from you? Do you have cash, photo ID, credit/debit card in your wallet or purse? Is your mobile phone fully charged?

The author stresses situational awareness and the importance of practicing your plan. A final point that is of utmost importance is to select a location where family members will meet in case some sort of catastrophe occurs. The author shares other good points that should be part of pre-planning. I recommend this book for all families to improve their safety and security.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffey, M.A., CPP, PCI, PSP, has been an ASIS member since 1981, serving as chapter chair for Savannah Low Country Chapter for five years and House of Worship Committee chair for three years. He is currently assistant regional vice president for ASIS Region 4B and serves on the ASIS Cultural Properties Council.