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The Two-Way Manager

October 2016 | COVER STORY

Two-way management allows security managers to make best use of crucial assets—the ideas, opinions, values, and skill sets of employees.

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Bringing Clarity to Chaos

Responding to disasters like the Fort McMurray wildfire demands targeted methods to work through the complexities and prevent any crisis from mushrooming.

The Next Tase Phase

In many cases, tasers can be used as an effective enforcement tool that may ultimately reduce the number of violent assaults, and sometimes even save lives.

A Refuge from Terror?

European countries that are faced with waves of refugees—and an increase in terrorist attacks—are trying to address both problems at once.

Out of Harm’s Way

An international global assistance firm uses a social media and geographic location tool to assist clients in emergencies.

Spoofing the CEO

A new email scam targeting executives' accounts is placing corporate email systems, and their users, at risk.