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Book Review: Cyber Security

​Routledge Group; 264 pages; $89.95.

An impressive compilation of methods that cybercriminals use to seize priceless information and finances from corporations and individuals appears in Cyber Security: An Introduction for Non-Technical Managers. Author Jeremy Swinfen Green provides practical and sound advice on how to minimize the risk and damage of these malicious attacks.  

Aimed squarely at nontechnical managers from any profession, the book contains an excellent list of topics that should be addressed with IT departments. The author suggests dozens of different ways to protect against detrimental attacks that can occur through any device that is either stolen or has Internet capability. Twenty chapters grouped into three major sections span subjects such as protecting classified and private information on all devices, techniques to use while traveling, how to respond to a breach incident, and a great deal more.

The material is presented in an easy-to-read manner. Case studies appear every few pages and bring all the information into perspective in a way that is both useful and enjoyable. This book would be a desirable addition to the libraries of managers both in and outside of the security industry.


Reviewer: Julie Sanford is a member of the ASIS Women in Security Council. She is account manager at Lions’ Gate Security Solutions in Omaha, Nebraska, and a veteran of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office in Papillion, Nebraska.