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ASIS News: The Latest in Security Tech and Standards, Plus ASIS Awards

Autonomous Vehicles: Threats, Risks & Opportunities

The ASIS Foundation has recently released a report comprising the findings of a comprehensive research endeavor investigating the multifaceted landscape of autonomous vehicles (AVs) within security contexts. The research was conducted by esteemed researchers Ishmael Bhila, Peter Lee, and Alison Wakefield.

The report, Autonomous Vehicles: Threats, Risks, and Opportunities, examines the changes triggered by AVs within the security realm, considering both benefits and vulnerabilities. It also offers practical recommendations for security practitioners to leverage AV technology while mitigating risks.

In this emerging landscape, ASIS International can play an important role in facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, sharing expertise, and driving best practices to harmonize service provision in alignment with multisectoral needs, national and international guidelines, and public perceptions.

Check out the full report here.

Nominate a Colleague for an ASIS Award of Excellence

Nominations for the ASIS Awards of Excellence are open now. This is a great opportunity to shine a light on a deserving colleague or organization that exemplifies the best of the security profession.

This year there are nine individual categories and four organizational categories. New in 2024 is the Distinguished Service Award category, which honors ASIS members who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, service, or contributions to ASIS in the 2023 award year.

Individual Awards

President's Award of Merit. This award recipient is selected by the president of ASIS International for distinguished service, achievement, and/or contributions.

Women in Security Global Community Karen Marquez Honors. This award recognizes a female security professional who has consistently worked for the betterment of the security industry.

NextGen of the Year Award. This award honors an ASIS member under 40 who demonstrates commitment to ASIS and the profession through leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

Roy N. Bordes, CPP, Community Member Award of Excellence. This award recognizes an ASIS member who has demonstrated long-term commitment and significant contributions to ASIS subject area communities.

Ralph Day Memorial Security Officer Heroism Award. This award recognizes heroism in circumstances where a private security officer risks their life to protect or save lives and/or property.

Don Walker Memorial CSO Center Security Executive Award. This award recognizes a senior-level executive who demonstrates commitment to security management education, certification, and standards and guidelines for the executive management level of the security discipline.

E.J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP Memorial Volunteer Leadership Award. This award honors an ASIS member who has demonstrated long-term commitment and significant contributions to ASIS regions and chapters.

PCB Outstanding Achievement Award. The award recognizes an individual for service rendered to the advancement and promotion of the CPP, PCI, PSP, and APP certifications, in which they have displayed outstanding leadership and commitment to the profession.

Distinguished Service Award. Up to 10 ASIS members can receive this award for demonstrating exceptional leadership, service, and contributions to ASIS International’s mission and objectives during the award year.

Organizational Awards

Community of the Year Award. This award recognizes an ASIS subject area community that has excelled in member engagement and content development, showcasing its commitment to fostering vibrant discussions, nurturing knowledge exchange, and cultivating valuable resources within the community.

I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding chapters for their proficiency at sharing knowledge and best practices while developing the peer-to-peer connections that give ASIS members at the local level a means to succeed personally and professionally.

Outstanding New/Revitalized Chapter Award. This award recognizes a new or revitalized ASIS chapter for outstanding motivation, excellence, and service.

PCB Organizational Award of Merit. This award recognizes an organization displaying outstanding leadership and commitment to professional development of their own security professionals through certification.

All ASIS Awards of Excellence nominations are open now and close 31 May, so submit your nomination now!


Save the Date: Security Solutions Spotlight

If you are always looking to stay on top of the latest security trends, make sure to attend ASIS International’s Security Solutions Spotlight on 15 May.

This free, virtual event will showcase the latest in venue and event security, with presentations from LifeRaft, SkySafe, and Evolv. Each session will last 25 minutes, followed by a brief, 5-minute Q&A.

LifeRaft’s presentation will highlight their Navigator technology, which is uniquely designed to empower security teams and analysts in safeguarding events and venues from potential threat actors, and harm of all kinds.

SkySafe is a global leader in Drone Detection, Tracking, and Identification (DTI) as a Service (DDaaS) and their session will feature their cloud-based technology that ensures airspace safety and security and offers world-class drone forensics capabilities.

The third session will spotlight Evolv Express️️️, which improves security checkpoints by using advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to distinguish between weapons and everyday items.

Register now to experience these top-of-the-line innovations.

New and Improved Security Risk Assessment Standard

Security_Risk_Assessment_Standard__ASIS_SRA-2024__0002-E1AD-6A95-F6F9_1.pngASIS has recently released an updated ASIS Security Risk Assessment (SRA) Standard, which has been revised and designed to revolutionize how organizations assess and manage security risks.

Key features of the ASIS SRA Standard include its comprehensive scope of security risk assessments and information about establishing the SRA context. The standard also offers guidance on preparing and conducting risk assessments, as well as post-SRA activities. Finally, the standard includes the general principles of the SRA process and provides a template for reporting findings and recommendations of an SRA.

Access the new SRA standard as an eBook or in print.


Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.