Certified Protection Professional

The Certified Protection Professional (CPP)® credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in eight key domains of security. Those who earn the CPP are ASIS board-certified in security management.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Nine years of security work experience, with at least three of those years in responsible charge of a security function*

  • A bachelor's degree or higher and seven years of security work experience, with at least three of those years in responsible charge of a security function*

About the Exam

The CPP exam consists of 200 scored multiple-choice questions and may contain 25 "pre-test" (unscored) questions randomly distributed throughout the examination for a total of 225 questions. The time allowed takes into consideration the review of pre-test items.

The exam cover tasks, knowledge, and skills in eight broad domains that have been identified by CPPs as the major areas involved in security management. 

CPP Exam Domains

IMPORTANTThe CPP exam domains have been modified as a result of a world-wide analysis of security management jobs. These revised domains will be reflected in the updated exam that will be administered beginning March 1, 2016. Read the FAQ for more information.

Please note that if you are scheduled to test after February 29, 2016, you will be taking the updated test form.

View the revised CPP Domains

*Responsible charge is defined as the charge exercised by an individual in a management position who makes decisions for the successful completion of objectives without reliance upon directions from a superior as to specific methods. However, an applicant need not have held a supervisory position, as long as the positions on which the application relies have specifically included responsibility for independent decisions or actions. If "responsible charge" is not based on supervisory responsibilities, then security program management responsibilities and duties must be clearly shown. Generally, this excludes such positions as patrol officer or the equivalent.

Is the CPP right for you?

This free 60-minutes webinar led by a panel of board-certified CPPs, will help you gain a better understanding of the “nuts and bolts” such as eligibility requirements, application process, exam preparation requirements and options, testing, and recertification.