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Business Principles and Practices

Task 02/01     Develop and manage budgets and financial controls to achieve fiscal responsibility

Knowledge of:

02/01/01 - Principles of management accounting, control, and audits

02/01/02 - Business finance principles and financial reporting

02/01/03 - Calculation & interpretation of Return on Investment (ROI)

02/01/04 - The lifecycle for budget planning purposes

Task 02/02     Develop, implement, and manage policies, procedures, plans and directives to achieve organizational objectives
Knowledge of:

02/02/01 - Principles and techniques of policy/procedures  development

02/02/02 - Communication strategies, methods, and techniques

02/02/03 - Training strategies, methods, and techniques

02/02/04 - Preventive and corrective maintenance for systems

Task 02/03     Develop procedures/techniques to measure and improve organizational productivity
Knowledge of:

02/03/01 - Techniques for quantifying productivity/metrics/key performance indicators (KPI)

02/03/02 - Data analysis techniques and ROI

Task 02/04     Develop, implement, and manage staffing, leadership, training and management programs in order to achieve organizational objectives
Knowledge of:

02/04/01 - Interview techniques for staffing

02/04/02 - Candidate selection and evaluation techniques

02/04/03 - Job analysis processes

02/04/04 - Principles of performance evaluations, 360 reviews, and coaching

02/04/05 - Interpersonal and feedback techniques

02/04/06 - Training strategies, methodologies, and resources

02/04/07 - Human Capital Management

Task 02/05     Monitor and ensure a sound ethical climate in accordance with the laws and the organization’s directives and standards to support and promote proper business practices
Knowledge of:

02/05/01 - Good governance standards

02/05/02 - Guidelines for individual and corporate behavior

02/05/03 - Generally accepted ethical principles

02/05/04 - Confidential information protection techniques and  methods