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Custom Marketing

Customized content marketing offers affordable solutions covering reporting, writing, editing, design, and participating in events. Deliver helpful information to your audience and increase the prospect they will reward you with business and continued loyalty.

Download a brochure for more details on our Custom Webinars.

Custom Webinar

webinar-screen.jpgHigh-targeted lead generation. Webinars enable you to select a compelling topic, develop the content, and participate in presenting. 

A producer will assist you in tailoring your concept to ensure your webinar is eligible for recertification credits.

$15,000 per webinar

Custom Webinar Attendee Statistics
Average Registrants: 668
Average Attendees: 271
Source: ON24 / January 2023-August 2023
Note: On-demand leads will also be supplied

Source: ON24


Webinar Sponsorships

Partner with ASIS webinars on key educational topics throughout the year.

$5,000 per sponsorship

Sponsored Webinar Attendee Statistics
Average Registrants: 587
Average Attendees: 245
Source: ON24 / January 2023-August 2023

Source: ON24

Raquel Alleyne
Webinar Producer
[email protected]


Foundation Research

The ASIS Foundation helps security professionals achieve their career goals with certification scholarships, practical research, member grants, and more. Contact your media developer to find out ways to partner with the ASIS Foundation and their highly-coveted security research projects.


Conference Credits

Attach CPEs to your end-user conference. Talk to a media developer to start accrediting your educational sessions.

$3,000 per 1-hour session


Sponsored Research

Original research is conducted through surveys and interviews of ASIS professional members.


Native Advertising 

Refer to the newsletters section for details on other sponsored content options and websites for native/display advertising opportunities.


info-icon.pngFind out about custom content bundling opportunities: Email [email protected] (Companies # through L) or [email protected] (Companies M through Z) to place your content in front of the ASIS audience.