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August 2021

Mobilizing to Reduce the Strain of Climate Change

Climate change and other global risks pose a compounding security threat to military and security personnel and infrastructure, according to a new report by the International Military Council on Climate and Security.

But some defense agencies and alliances are already taking action to mitigate the threat by adopting greener technology, increasing the resiliency of their supply chains, and more.

Stop Holding On to an Outdated Access Control System

Maintaining a legacy access control system is time-consuming and expensive. And while it continues to protect your people and assets, it exposes you to new threats, such as cyberattacks, and can’t keep up with your organization’s changing needs.
food security

Toasting with Caution

Adulterated liquor is a major problem. To help address it, Europol and INTERPOL have coordinated on Operation OPSON—an international law enforcement operation that targets trafficking of counterfeit and substandard food and beverage.

Armed with Cloud, Security Pros Do More with Less

More than ever, organizations want to reassure employees and visitors of their safety as they come to work, meet up with others, or shop—a philosophy that’s putting more pressure than ever on physical security professionals.