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How to Create a Culture to Prevent Harassment

0220_Cover.jpgApril 2020 | COVER STORY
While organizations need to have procedures to report and investigate claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, they can also take steps to proactively prevent the behavior in the first place.
     U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission research found that to effectively do this, organizations need to have commitment from leadership to create a diverse, inclusive, and respectful workplace. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it is also financially beneficial to the organization.

Is Iran Playing the Long Game?

After the United States killed a key Iranian leader, Iran retaliated with its own strike. But some say more retaliation may be in store, so experts are advocating for heightened security.
Calgary Transit Surveillance

How Calgary Upgraded Transit Surveillance

Calgary’s evolving surveillance system is a unified security platform that merges IP security systems into one interface, offering security operators more detailed information from high-definition cameras.

April 2020 Legal Report

British legislators want to remove an automatic early release option for convicted terrorists; New York is considering banning use of taxpayer funds to meet ransomware demands.