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Under Pressure: Managing Team Wellness

July 2019 | COVER STORY

Security employees are often bombarded with information while simultaneously facing a growing number of security threats. The collective effect can be serious stress overload. Science demonstrates that chronic stress can have a marked negative effect on performance and health. from Sarah J. Powell, director of emergency management at Temple University outlines some actions managers can take to mitigate the effects of a chronically stressful job on their teams.

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Retailers Prepare for Active Assailants

After the 2007 Trolley Square Mall shooting, retailers planted the seed for DHS’s active shooter preparedness tools. Now, they strive for a more tailored approach to emergency management.

Border Burnout

Walls or no walls, U.S. border security cannot function without many skilled humans—more specifically, a large force of law enforcement and security agents who do the grinding and risky day-to-day work of securing the border.

A Security Revolution

After a 2015 shooting, the Dallas Police Department knew it needed to enhance its lobby security to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

July 2019 ASIS News

News from ASIS International: GSX unveils expanded networking opportunities, CSO Summit explores the art of influence, and more.

July 2019 Legal Report

The U.S. state of Oklahoma and Purdue Pharma agreed to a settlement worth $270 million for the company’s alleged role in the opioid epidemic.