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Preparing for Protests

Proactive assessment and planning by security professionals can make the difference between a peaceful protest and an out-of-control riot.

Peer 2 Peer Protection

The University of Iowa is using student security officers to patrol its campus to ensure safety and build a greater sense of community.

Calm in the Crucible

Crisis leadership begins before emergencies happen. Managers can prepare by learning the business, making alliances with key players, and assessing risk.

Global Water Risk

With a global water shortage now a real possibility, more scientists and officials are realizing the varied benefits of wastewater reuse.

Go with the Flow

The stream of national security intelligence from country to country relies on trust more than on formal information sharing methods.

AI: The Force Multiplier

Artificial intelligence could create a world where human abilities are amplified, including analysts' ability to detect and respond to cyberthreats.