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Employee Protection During Protests

​Companies that are bracing for protests in their vicinity should discuss best practices with employees to keep them safe.

• Carry a cell phone.

• Consider carpooling for moral support and to reduce the number of cars that must enter the site.

• When leaving home for work, prepare yourself mentally for being stopped or jeered by protesters.

• Try to approach the site in such a way that you will enter by making a right turn and will not have to block traffic. Watch for directions from security officers.

• Keep vehicle doors locked and windows up. Drive very slowly as you approach protesters. Be prepared to stop quickly if one steps in front of you.

• Do not shout taunts or profanities at protesters, no matter what they say or do to you.

• If they block you, stay as long as it is safe—longer delays are more actionable in court. If you have to leave, do not go home but proceed to a place where you can safely phone the company’s security team. Tell them what happened and ask for transportation assistance.

• If your vehicle is damaged while entering the site, report it to a security officer as soon as you are safely inside.

• If your vehicle is damaged while leaving, drive to a safe place and report the incident to security right away.