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May 2016

Protection on Display

Special exhibitions attract visitors to museums, but they also pose security problems for the institutions that transport and showcase priceless treasures.

A Vote for Biometrics

Once the province of first-world countries, recognition technologies are becoming commonplace solutions in less developed parts of the world.

In the Public Interest

Municipal warehouses that store the inventory needed to keep cities running often suffer from lax oversight, costing millions in public funds.

Managing Age Diversity

The U.S. workplace will soon host five different generations. Here's a look at what to expect, and how to bridge potential divides with deeper conversation.

Cyber Pulls the Plug

When a cyberattack caused the first power outage in Ukraine, a once-theoretical threat became a reality.

The Lessons of Flint

The water crisis in Michigan is a local, state, and national emergency, as well as as a case study for the complexities of crisis and emergency management.

Feds Take on Assault

As the number of reported campus assault incidents continues to increase, concerns are raised over whether colleges are properly investigating those cases.

A Head Start on Insider Threats

Guidelines for screening and continuous evaluation of private-sector employees with access to classified information are in the final stages of approval.

Hidden from Hacks

How Marist College secures its servers as part of its well-known polling functions.

Seek Beauty

Artists hoped that research would expose a modern concept of art that would reflect each country’s evolving vision of what is beautiful. What they uncovered was something else entirely.

Legal Report May 2016

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Industry News May 2016

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Book Review: Cybervetting

In today’s world where Big Data has become much more than a buzzword, security leaders may need a guide to navigate the information available to them.