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February 2016

A History of Grievances

In the aftermath of the horrific act of violence at WDBJ, Security Management spoke with experts to answer questions about how it came to pass and whether it could have been avoided.

How to Protect PII

Your personally identifiable information (PII) is out there—and prime for hacking. Learn more about how organizations are working to protect it.

A Deadline Derailment

Learn about advancements in the railroad industry, especially a new safety technology called positive train control (PTC).

Navigating Transitions

A security director provides some best-practice guidance for managers on navigating through change and keeping the ship sailing through rough waters.

Shrink Expands

Learn how the greater use and development of sophisticated IT analytics tools could lead loss prevention efforts to become a more data-and-analysis-based endeavor.

Defense Corruption

​Corruption puts international security at risk. A recent report explains how it is an "enabler of conflict" by contributing to arms proliferation and the infiltration of organized crime into the security sector.

Wanted: Private Sector Help

​U.S. national intelligence leaders say they know what national threats are coming in 2016, and they are focusing efforts on encouraging public and private organizations and employees to be the first line of defense.

BCHS Protects Patient Data

The chief information officer at Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) in Ontario, Canada, is well aware of the importance of securing patient information in a hospital setting.

Access to the Firehouse

A deputy fire chief in East Whiteland, PA helped his new firehouse implement a more efficient and effective access control system.

An Unsafe Harbor

When the EU’s highest court ruled that Safe Harbor was invalid because U.S. public authorities were not subject to it. Explore what the ruling means for companies using Safe Harbor.

How to See Red

Explore why experts continue to grapple with the problem of identifying behavioral cues that might indicate that a peer or co-worker could be dangerous.

SM Online February 2016

Dig deeper into the research and reports referenced in the February 2016 issue of Security Management.

Industry News February 2016

Learn about the latest projects, installations, mergers, acquisitions, and announcements from the security industry.

Legal Report February 2016

Learn about the latest legislation, regulations, court cases, and judicial decisions affecting security professionals and managers in the February 2016 Legal Report.

ASIS News February 2016

Learn about the latest honors, partnerships, and publications from ASIS in the February 2016 issue of Security Management.

Book Review: Big Data

A new book provides a general outline of intelligence and data collection, explaining how to transform data into the basis for making intelligent business decisions.

Book Review: Bomb Threats

The third edition of this book focuses on the critical considerations that the first responders to bomb threats must evaluate.