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Certification Profile: Jakson Phillips, CPP, PCI, PSP 

Jakson Phillips, CPP, PCI, PSP, started his career in Venezuela in the National Armed Force before transitioning to a security role for an oil and gas company. Phillips was attracted to the security sector because of the great opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

Shortly after taking on his new role in the security sector, Phillips traveled to Caracas for business, where he was able to attend his first ASIS chapter meeting. At that meeting in 2009, Phillips was able to network with other security professionals and first learned about the role ASIS International plays in the security industry.

Unfortunately, at that time ASIS International’s presence in Venezuela was concentrated in Caracas, and Phillips lived in a different part of the country where he was not able to regularly attend chapter meetings or grow his involvement with the organization.

During the next decade, Phillips continued to improve his knowledge of the security industry by networking locally, attending industry events, and keeping on top of trends in security. Despite his strong involvement with the industry, Phillips still wanted the global interconnectedness ASIS membership offered and the added professional distinction of ASIS certifications.

As Phillips career continued to grow and ASIS continued to expand, Phillips knew he wanted to join ASIS and pursue certification.

“When I heard about the CPP, I fell in love with it!” Phillips says. “I heard from many professionals that ASIS certifications are very difficult to obtain, which motivated me because I like challenges. And of course, I understood that ASIS International certified professionals are in a select group.”

In 2018, he became a full member of ASIS and started to work towards the ASIS Triple Crown. In 2021, Phillips achieved both the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification and the PCI. The following year, he earned the PSP, completing the coveted Triple Crown.

“To be an ASIS International member, and a certified professional, assures you of having knowledge framed within the best practices of the global security industry,” Phillips says. “It positions you as a highly valued professional sought after by many employers, but it also propels you to be a reference among many corporate security colleagues.”

You must follow what you have planned to do and be inspired by the magic of protecting and serving others.

Phillips now works as a strategic security consultant through his own company, Eleven PD Security, and volunteers as the vice chair of the ASIS Venezuela Chapter. Phillips is also an active member of the NextGen community, a Connects ambassador, and a mentor for other security professionals.

Phillips says one of his favorite things about being a member of ASIS and a mentor to others is his opportunity to share his journey with others and to help motivate and inspire them to be the best security practitioners they can be.

“Dreams come true if you work hard if you are consistent in your plans, objectives, and goals,” Phillips says. “You must follow what you have planned to do and be inspired by the magic of protecting and serving others.”


Emily Callahan is a communications specialist for ASIS International. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.