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September/October 2022 Marketplace

0922-Marketplace-Split-Type-Camera.jpgSplit-Type Cameras

VIVOTEK announced the release of the NDAA-compliant VC9101 high-performance split-type camera system with Trend Micro IoT Security. The tiny camera features a separate camera unit and video core design, which also has a processor that can stream a 5MP 360-degree fisheye image or a 4MP 16:9 image. The VC9101 also comes with a Convolutional Neural Network hardware accelerator, and the whole system incorporates several advanced security features, including secure boot, signed firmware, and Trend Micro cybersecurity.

0922-Marketplace-Bluetooth-Locks.jpgBluetooth Locks

Abloy Oy and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions announced their new Keyless Access Controller. With this solution, businesses can upgrade doors and go keyless by replacing physical credentials with digital keys on a mobile app. The Bluetooth-connected controller allows for mobile access to coordinate with various security products—not only ABLOY products. Operated with the ABLOY mobile app on a user’s smartphone, the controller is compatible with numerous electric locks, including electromechanical, electric, magnetic, motor, and cabinet, as well as alarm systems, door strikes, latches, garage doors, gates, lifts, and more.


0922-Marketplace-Radar-Detection.jpgRadar Detection

Magos Systems introduced the SR-150 radar, which can be used on smaller sites to implement enhanced radar detection and larger locations to fill a gap or dead zone in perimeter protection. Part of Magos’s portfolio of ground-based radar detection systems, this is a cost-effective solution with the same high standards as longer-range models. It provides 150 meters of coverage, up to 30 degrees of elevation coverage, and 120 degrees of azimuth coverage. The radar, with assistance from the Magos MASS solution with artificial intelligence, reduces nuisance and false alarms.