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Keep Ahead of Crises by Planning for Complex Scenarios

1121COVER.jpgSeptember/October 2022 | COVER STORY

Many organizations have gone to great lengths to secure their facilities, whether that is a single building or an entire compound. But as adversaries’ capabilities advance and attack planning cycles accelerate due to the increased availability of open-source information, the days when an organization’s physical security program started at the perimeter fence are behind us.
     This new era requires security programs and initiatives that prevail both inside and outside of the perimeter. Security professionals need to think like an adversary, constantly envisioning how a current event—whether planned or unplanned—could be used to an attacker’s advantage.

Chess pieces arranged in strategic positions.  What is situational awareness?

How to Improve Your Situational Awareness

Nothing interests humans more than our own survival, and situational awareness is our most underutilized and misunderstood survival tool. But it can be adapted to serve as a broader security measure to protect ourselves and those around us.
Passwords dangle on fish hooks in front of the head of an employee. Workers often chose poorly conceived passwords.

The Pernicious Problem of Passwords

Despite years of guidance to create unique passwords, new research reveals that most Fortune 1000 employees reuse their credentials. And when they create new ones, many simply use their company name.
Glass awards with the ASIS logo etched on them sit on a black table.  ASIS is recognizes outstanding individuals and chapters for their accomplishments during 2021-22.

ASIS News: Honoring Member Achievements

“The backbone of any professional association is hardworking members who volunteer their personal time to advancing the profession. ASIS is fortunate to have thousands of dedicated volunteers across the globe,” says 2022 ASIS President Malcolm Smith, CPP.