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Installation of a security camera at a vaccination site at the University of Arizona

Image courtesy of the University of Arizona

 Industry News: University of Arizona Leverages License Plate Recognition

Vaccine Distribution

When the University of Arizona (UA) was selected as a point of dispensing (POD) for the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021, officials built a solution from Genetec and Route 1 Inc. to make a quick and efficient distribution process. UA implemented the Genetec AutoVu Managed Services solution with four Automatic License Plate Recognition cameras installed throughout the POD, as well as the Traffic Sense Travel Times module.

This pairing added functionality and insight into POD operations, with vehicles automatically tracked as they entered and exited, plus immediate identification of any delays or potential issues that required further investigation. For example, the UA team found that on days with mostly new volunteers, cars took longer to pass through the POD. So, the team adapted schedules to ensure volunteers were supported by more experienced personnel to keep vehicle throughput high and aid in the distribution of vaccinations.

Mergers & Moves

Securitas & STANLEY Security and Healthcare
Securitas’ purchase accelerates its technology-based solutions, enabling complementary services to support clients’ businesses.

Cloudastructure & Infrastructure Proving Grounds
The acquisition of Infrastructure’s assets, including its GearBox IoT cybersecurity solution, expands Cloudastructure’s portfolio of end-to-end cloud-based security.

Arcules & Canon Marketing Japan
A strategic partnership will result in Canon MJ distributing Arcules’ hybrid video cloud solutions to customers in the Japanese market.

U.S. Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
CISA opened its first office London in July 2022. The office supports operational cooperation, collaboration with partners and stakeholders, and crafting global policy.


Led by artificial intelligence of things-enabled industrial automation platform company Koidra, Dutch-American Team Koala won the third edition of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.


L3Harris Technologies and Northrop Grumman are leading two teams for a $1.3 billion U.S. Department of Defense contract for 28 satellites that will track and respond to missiles and hypersonic weapons.


The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and Industry Workforce Solutions launched a program to provide cybersecurity certification to NMSDC-certified minority business enterprises.


Marine Terminals
The partnership of Loko AI and Yusen Terminals LLC will allow Yusen to autonomously monitor its full-service marine terminal, detect potential hazards, and issue alerts.

Commercial Monitoring
The National Monitoring Center has partnered with LOUD Security Systems to monitor roughly 11,000 of the security providers’ commercial and residential accounts.

Worker Safety
Blackline Safety has partnered with Access Technology Group to offer improved protection for at-risk employees conducting worksite maintenance.