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Certification Profile: Scott Ashworth, CPP

0922-Certifciation-Profile-Scott-Ashworth.jpgScott Ashworth, CPP, first aspired to be a police officer when he was 8 years old. He wanted to have a positive influence on his community and help others. While he was studying business in college, he remembered his childhood goal and realized he wanted to take a different path—joining the law enforcement profession.

Fortunately for Ashworth, the law enforcement agency he worked for outside Atlanta, Georgia, offered educational reimbursements for him to finish his college degree. He remembers long days of going to school in the morning and early afternoon, then heading off to work until midnight. His perseverance paid off, and he graduated with a degree in criminal justice, followed by a master’s degree in criminal justice leadership.

After serving 10 years in law enforcement and rising to the rank of lieutenant, Ashworth revisited his business studies and explored opportunities in the world of private sector security. He conducted extensive research on opportunities in the field, consulted with numerous private security specialists, and learned that the best way to set himself apart from other applicants was to join ASIS International and earn one of its certifications.

Along the way, Ashworth landed a job that suited another of his passions—sports. As the Atlanta United FC director of security, he spearheaded match-day security for the soccer team at Mercedes-Benz Stadium while collaborating with event venue security staff and law enforcement, including more than 400 guards, 100 law enforcement officers, and 20 fire and emergency services staff. Ashworth also led efforts to improve access control systems for players, staff, contractors, and guests.

After entering the world of private security, Ashworth earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) certification. CPP study materials were “great tools for me to translate my experience in law enforcement into the world of business,” he says. “It’s made all the difference in how to talk about security management to fellow security professionals and C-suite executives.”

In 2021, Ashworth was recruited to serve as head of security for Overtime Elite (OTE), a transformational sports company that seeks to develop the world’s best young basketball players. In this role, he leads security operations to maximize protection for employees, guests, assets, a state-of-the-art arena, athlete residences, satellite offices, and travel programs.

Meanwhile, Ashworth continues to find time to volunteer with his local law enforcement agency to support his community.

Despite his thoughtful career trajectory, Ashworth has one regret: “I heard a lot about ASIS and its certifications and wished I joined the organization and earned my certification earlier.”

Profile by Andy Cutler, ASIS communications director