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Certification Profile: Kevin Smith, CPP, PCI, PSP

0721-Certification-Profile-Kevin-Smith.jpgKevin Smith transitioned into a security management career after seven years in law enforcement. Now an enterprise security specialist for a utilities pro­vider in Colorado, he finds himself drawn to the security function’s ability to create positive out­comes for an organization—from top to bottom.

With approximately 20 security officers reporting directly to him, Smith and his team monitor all events that may pose a threat to the organization’s operations. With such an important mandate, Smith finds that adhering to industry-proven best practices is an effective way to ensure success.

“My mentor introduced me to ASIS,” he shares. “My membership has connected me with security professionals around the world who share the common goal of protecting individuals, wherever they may work. Those connections have helped shape the services, programs, and procedures that I have brought back to my organization.”

He earned ASIS International’s Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) certification in 2010, following the lead of his triple-certified mentor. “Part of the value of becoming certified is the invaluable knowledge you gain from your study and preparations,” he says. “My organization supported me in pursuing my certifications because they understand the value this knowledge brings to the organization.”

Now, Smith holds the ASIS International Triple Crown, having earned the CPP, the Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®), and the Physical Security Professional (PSP®) certifications. He shares his knowledge as an adjunct professor for the Metropolitan State University of Denver, an instructor for the ASIS Asset Protection Course, and as a contributor to the Investigations section of the newly revised Protection of Assets (POA) reference set.

An especially memorable moment for Smith came when he and his team rolled out a new workplace violence protection program for the organization.

“Security offers you the opportunity to shape the minds, culture, and, ultimately, behavior of others with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe environment,” he reflects. “This field allows you to explore creative and proactive ways to help mitigate threats in our ever-changing world.”

Profile by Steven Barnett, ASIS Communications Specialist