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Dennis Quiles

Photo by ASIS International 

Getting to Know Dennis Quiles, CPP

Dennis Quiles, CPP, is the director of corporate security and protective services at McDonald’s Corporation.

Q. Tell us about a mentor who inspired you.
A. My mentor was Joe Cruz; he was a CPP and dedicated his time to help security professionals obtain the CPP credentials. He was very knowledgable and dedicated, and he cared for the profession.

Q. What is your proudest moment or accomplishment?
A. Becoming a father and gracefully raising my kids has been one of my proudest accomplishments, without a doubt.

Q. What does ASIS mean to you?
A. It means a way not only to assist security professionals in reaching their full potential, but also to set the way for us to do right, to develop ourselves, to remain relevant to the employer, and to become professionals in what we do.

Q. What was your favorite ASIS moment or meeting?
A. The very first time I attended an ASIS conference—I then understood the magnitude and grandeur of the private sector security industry.

Q. What security issue do you believe is being overlooked?
A. There are so many security issues surfacing every single year. Nonetheless, one issue that is affecting us today is training the workforce. Having that first introduction to security for new employees is critical for any organization’s success.