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Book Review: An Introduction to Operational Security Risk Management

An Introduction to Operational Security Risk Management. By Tony Zalewski. Xlibris;; 138 pages; $20.69.

An Introduction to Operational Security Risk ManagementFundamental principles and guidelines to effectively manage security risk are the focus of this book. Author Tony Zalewski, a former police officer who is now a private consultant in Australia, has set out to provide an “introductory foundation” for operational security risk practitioners. Thus, An Introduction to Operational Security Risk Management is clearly written to the basic level of knowledge for a new security management practitioner.

The book discusses the history of security risk management, as well as the direction the field is heading. It covers essential information on topics including operational security systems, legal issues, workplace violence and aggression, and emergency management. It also touches briefly on topics such as cybersecurity, terrorism, leadership, and more.

Zalewski consistently informs the reader of rudimentary, strategic, and logical risk management processes. He plainly expresses valid opinions consistent with the management of security risk in today’s security industry. A few charts, tables, and visual aids are valuable for reading comprehension; the reader might wish for more of these.

Overall, the book’s content is basic. Much of the primary material is also covered in more advanced books, which might include forward-looking concepts, fundamentals, and philosophies that would educate the seasoned security professional. For readers who are new to the security industry or managers who need to understand security risk management, this book is worth perusing.

Reviewer: David LaRose, CPP, CHPA (Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator) has more than 30 years of police, security, and safety experience. He is the system director of public safety for Lee Health System in Florida.