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​​Images from Security Management, April 1965, Vol. 9, No.2​​​


​Security as National Defense

Arthur L. Malcarney, vice president at RCA, emphasized the engineering excellence required by security professionals to defeat their enemies by helping the U.S. government protect the nation. When this precursor to Security Management was published, ASIS was 10 years old and the magazine was in its ninth year.

Locks and Keys

Timothy J. Walsh was president of ASIS when he wrote this article on the fundamentals of six-pin tumbler locks. During the 1960s, annual seminar attendees topped 500, the ASIS Foundation was incorporated, and membership exceeded 3,000 for the first time.

​Keeping Watch

Founded in 1878, Detex was known during the early 1960s as the sellers of watchclocks—mechanical clocks used by security officers to confirm patrols. A vendor partner since the inception of ASIS, Detex advertises in Security Management to this day.