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Resourceful Relationships

January 2019 | COVER STORY

School resource officers must wear many hats—mediators, peacekeepers, and friends. Shifting into these various roles allows them to establish relationships with students, which in turn means they can holistically prevent threats to other students, staff, and schools. Read more about resourceful SROs and how meaningful connections result in stronger security in this article by Holly Gilbert Stowell.

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How to Investigate #MeToo

A proper investigation requires a mixture of skill, experience, and patience. The fundamental rules? Be fair, thorough, and professional.

Serving the New Generation

2019 ASIS President Christina Duffey, CPP, shares her thoughts on building a security career, connecting through ASIS, and investing in the future of the profession.

The Privacy Problem

Private companies come together to demand that authorities create privacy regulations to protect users’ data and technology.

Battlefield in the Mind

Some 9/11-era terrorists will be released from prison soon—and a lot has changed in the terrorism landscape during that time.