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Book Review: Gun Violence

Confronting Gun Violence in America. By Thomas Gabor. ​Palgrave Macmillan;; 367 pages; $30.

For security professionals and anyone interested in the topic of gun violence, Thomas Gabor's work is a worthwhile read. The information presented in Confronting Gun Violence in America demonstrates quality research and analysis.

Gabor writes in a manner that is engaging, easily understood, and thought provoking. He does an excellent job of dissecting the topic of gun violence into the various aspects that make up this complex issue. He examines the scope of gun violence in America as well as the effects associated with such violence. He does not end the discussion there; he also examines the role of firearms in self-defense and the barriers to successful gun control.

In addressing each topic, Gabor acknowledges various viewpoints and attempts to help the reader understand the thoughts behind all perspectives. This approach, along with substantial evidence, helps the reader form an opinion, not simply adopt one being promoted by an author. Gabor provides the reader with ample data and analysis to not only understand the subject matter more thoroughly, but to be more equipped to engage in factual discussion about this controversial topic. The evidence provided is impossible to ignore without simply covering one's eyes, ears, and foolishly basing a position on emotion.

The author acknowledges the concerns of all sides and the need for constructive dialogue around the growing number of incidents and varied perceptions of firearms. He posits that the conversation is ongoing and we need to focus on the strategies that will address the growing concerns while maintaining the integrity of the objectives, our rights, and the well-being of our communities.

Reviewer: Mary E. Cervantes is emergency manager at Dignity Health, St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, California.