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Smarter Structures, Safer Spaces

October 2018 | COVER STORY

Savvy bad actors can sometimes slip into a facility through an overlooked or outdated building control system. An ASIS Foundation-sponsored report, Intelligent Building Management Systems: Guidance for Protecting Organizations, highlights how solutions like intelligent building management systems can address this security gap and other important issues. Learn more in this article by Dave Brooks and Michael Coole.

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Shaping Sanctuary

The cooperation—or lack thereof—of local jails with federal immigration authorities plays a big role in whether a city is considered a sanctuary city.

Rising Seas

U.S. coastal areas are vulnerable to flooding even absent major storms, due to sea level rise driven primarily by climate change.

October 2018 Legal Report

Employees who do not report sexual harassment at work due to fear of retaliation may still sue their employer, a U.S. federal appeals court ruled.