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July 2018 Certification Profile: Pablo Colombres, CPP

​Pablo Colombres, CPP, gradually pivoted into the security world. In 2003, he started his career in the legal department for telecommunications giant Telefónica.

Day to day, he provided support around subpoenas in cases of fraud prevention, detection, and investigation. When the fraud team he supported was transferred into a new security division in 2007, he followed—and assumed an investigative role himself.

While the transition was daunting at times, he did not back down. His investigative skills were put to the test soon after the change, when he was faced with one of his toughest cases—involving terrorism financing through telecommunications fraud.

"It was a challenge, because I didn't ever imagine facing that type of case," Colombres says.

Collecting information, analyzing data, and working with a team of technicians, he started looking for this criminal. After a successful search, he and his team identified the person responsible.

"The situation confirmed to me that we investigators work based on methodology, information, knowledge, and intuition," he reflects. "Sometimes when new cases come to you, you are blind and do not know where to begin. But in the end, you realize all investigations are based on the same fundamental elements."

Colombres turned to ASIS International in 2009 to aid in the transformation of his career duties. He was taking a corporate security course led by ASIS members when he was impressed by the Society's wealth of information and resources.

"Joining ASIS opened a lot of doors for me, mainly in networking and professional training," he says. "Pursuing my Certified Protection Professioinal® (CPP) certification in 2010 was a rewarding challenge, helping me to view the whole picture through the lens of standardized knowledge, and to start talking the same language as the security world."

The year after he attained his certification, Colombres sought and secured a position with Buenos Aires-based corporate investigations firm GIF Consulting, where he now serves as Latin American regional director of investigation and security.

Although his responsibilities have grown to include operations, sales, and management, he still makes time to join his team in their daily duties.

"I like to be in the field," he says. "It helps me connect with our team of almost 100 individuals and be able to speak to clients about the work that we're doing."

Colombres identifies his CPP certification as a differentiating factor when he applied to work for GIF. And his commitment to professional development continues as he encourages his team to participate in ASIS chapter and regional events.

After attaining his CPP, Colombres was invited to take a volunteer role within ASIS. Almost 10 years later, he now serves as regional vice president for Region 8C, which includes Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia.

"With a lot of gratitude, I choose to continue helping as a volunteer leader," he adds. "I have met a lot of colleagues and friends through my involvement with ASIS. Security is not just a career. It's a way of living. The profession is embedded deep within you, and it marks your daily decisions."