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Striving for Higher Standards

July 2018 | COVER STORY

Marijuana use in the United States is illegal under federal law. But states are legalizing the drug, creating a patchwork of regulations that mix policy, political influence, and borrowed best practices to create detailed rules that vary vastly by location. Often, these rules are difficult to interpret and implement—and a lack of overarching guidance can leave organizations vulnerable.

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Bridging Worlds

Physical security managers and others outside the cyber world will benefit from understanding how new compliance developments will impact the enterprise.

Performance Conversations

As the revolt against annual reviews continues, more managers are using regular performance conversations to coach and encourage dialogue.

Blockchain Buzz

Blockchain technology is said to be the next big thing. But how will it affect the security industry?

The Returned

As ISIS loses its footholds in Iraq and Syria, thousands of foreign fighters are trickling back into their countries of origin. How should they be handled?