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SM Online March 2016


A study funded by the International Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation and conducted by Duke University Medical Center found that Tasers have been an effective security tool in healthcare settings. The study examined hospital safety and security practices, and evaluated how security practices, including the use of weapons by security personnel, can prevent and mitigate events of hospital violence. Another report, published in the British Medical Journal, looks at certain health risks posed by Tasers, as well as how they work and trends in their usage throughout the world.​


Crisis communications plans can be thrown into flux when a tragedy occurs. Check out these six phases of crisis communication that will help your organization stay on-task when managing an unexpected event. ​


A federal appeals court ruled that an employee was not criminally liable under a federal hacking statute for violating his employer-imposed computer use restrictions. The court explained in its ruling on U.S. v. Valle, "A court should not uphold a highly problematic interpretation of a statute merely because the government promises to use it reasonably." ​


Silicon Valley has championed the increased use of encryption and Apple has adopted full-disk encryption by default. The report by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office examines the effect this has on law enforcement access to smartphone data.


The Dryad Maritime Mediterranean Special Advisory ​takes an in-depth look at the complex threats facing commercial shipping in the Mediterranean Sea.


What will it take to speed up crossing times along the U.S.-Mexico border? The State of the Border Report and The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition, two reports by the Wilson Center, investigate what is causing a chokepoint along the border and what that means for both local and binational economies. Another report by the Congressional Research Service details the importance of U.S.-Mexican security cooperation and its impacts on border communities.