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March 2016

Bottleneck at the Border

Transportation bottlenecks at U.S. - Mexico border crossings cost up to $12 billion a year and lead to the loss of some 54,000 jobs in the United States.

Planning After Paris

An inside look at what companies in Paris did after the 2015 terrorist attacks to resume business as usual.

An Invitation to Change

Review of the best-practices in dealing with problem employees, difficult staffers, or workers in need of behavioral modification and attitude adjustment.

Upping the Ante on Corruption

Companies will have to identify all individuals involved in wrongdoing, regardless of their positions, and pro­vide all relevant facts about their mis­­conduct, to receive credit for cooperating with a DOJ investigation.

High Stakes Cyber

According to a landmark court case: Federal Trade Commission (FTC) v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp. the FTC can hold companies liable for failing to maintain adequate cybersecurity.

The Tase Craze

Taser use is on the rise worldwide, and with it comes more scrutiny and study, on both its health effects and its potential to reduce violence.

Maritime Migration

The Mediterranean Sea has seen the migrant crisis added to existing security issues - threats of piracy and smuggling, political instability, and border disputes - for commercial seafarers.​

A Defensive Stance

The Paris terrorist attacks brought to life concerns about hard targets with soft security. Spectators and sports officials wonder whether sporting venues will continue to be a target.

Staying On Message

A cloud-based communications tool called PIERPro helped school districts in Harris County, Texas quickly send out notifications on closures and delays to the entire community and media outlets.

U Penn Puts Out the Fire

The University of Pennsylvania upgraded their single-point-of-failure fire safety system with an IP-based alarm monitoring solution.

Operating Blind

The effort to require companies to decrypt encrypted communications, and provide the method to do so to a third party, has gained steam following recent attacks.

Border Wars

​A portrayal of the accidental collapse of the most infamous border ever constructed: The Berlin Wall.

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Book Review: ASTD Handbook

This book explains the differences among various types of knowledge, the factors that motivate people to learn, and the research in learning and development.