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Book Review: Executive Protection: Smarter. Faster. Better.

Robert L. Oatman, CPP, is probably the most recognized name in the private executive protection (EP) field. Besides providing executive protection services, he has also offered training courses and educational sessions for many years. Oatman's newest informative effort is his fourth book about executive protection. Each book has been an extension of the previous edition. Executive Protection: Smarter. Faster. Better. is no exception to the trend. Not just an update of an earlier title, this book builds on three of the author's previous works.

According to the book's preface, it "delivers by explaining the case for, and place of, EP in the corporate environment, so that EP programs can receive needed support (policy, executive acceptance, and funding)." Executive Protection: Smarter. Faster. Better. makes the case for EP from risk management, productivity, and investor perspectives. It goes on to give valuable information to the prospective corporate EP provider on how to approach, market, and manage an EP firm. The book even includes an EP business case as part of the Appendix. The perfect summary of the book's contents, the business case is easily adaptable into a marketing tool or services proposal. It provides the information corporations must understand and analyze prior to making a decision as important as who is going to protect its most valuable human assets.

To truly appreciate and benefit from this new publication, it is recommended that one also take the time to read Oatman's two most recent books, Executive Protection: New Solutions for a New Era and Executive Protection: Rising to the Challenge. The reviewed book builds on the previous ones and takes the reader to the managerial level by discussing executive protection from the top down.

Reviewer: R. William Leap, CPP, is vice president of security services for Chicago-based Titan Security Group. He is responsible for the design and implementation of manned and remote security services, and he performs security assessments, project management, planning, training, and quality control. He is a member of the ASIS International Security Services Council.