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The ASIS Book of the Year Committee announced Tuesday that it selected that Code Black: 50 Lessons in Crisis Management for Effective Leadership as its book of the year. The book, written by Glenn C. Schoen, covers the crucial crisis management information every security professional should know. 

Kevin Cassidy, a professor in the security, fire, and emergency management department at John Jay College, said “Code Black: 50 Lessons in Crisis Management for Effective Leadership could not have been published at a better time. It discusses fundamentals of crisis management, security management, risk management, and how businesses and government agencies deal with conflict in today’s turbulent times. Author Glenn Schoen highlights various topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on society, individuals’ perception of security and safety, employees’ sense of workplace safety, economics, and the supply chain crisis.”

For more information about the book and why it was selected to win the ASIS Book of the Year, read our press release here.