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GSX Session Spotlights

The Dark Web: Protecting Brand, Reputation, and Assets

Cynthia Hetherington

Principal, Hetherington Group

Everything is for sale on the dark web: company names and brands, celebrity reputations, products, and personal identities. Those unfamiliar with the dark web's intricacies find it impossible to locate these important and valuable assets. Tune in to hear expert Cynthia Hetherington preview her session at GSX 2018 and give us a glimpse into the mysterious world of the dark web.

Managing Data Extortion Crises

Erik de Vries 

Director, DutchRisk

One of the favorite modus operandi of cyber criminals is to steal data then extort their victims. This tactic can be used not only if systems are unavailable through ransomware but also if sensitive data has been stolen. Although the origin is a cyber crime, the crisis itself affect's the company's reputation. Learn how corporate crisis management teams should manage data extortion.

Business Continuity: Preparing for the Aftermath of an Active Shooter Incident

Hector Sanchez, CPP, PCI, PSP

President, Holistic Secured Operations, Inc.

Many businesses are not ready for the aftermath of an active shooter incident, which will affect their very existence. Fatalities and victims are just the beginning. Employers may face cases of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); lawsuits from victims and family members; lawyers luring victims to file suits because of weak or non-existent workplace policies, procedures, and training; and a damaged reputation that will follow the business forever. Realizing that long-lasting effects of an incident cannot be handed over to law enforcement is a compelling reason to get serious about continuity planning.

Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Violence

Mario S. Pecoraro

President/CEO, Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc.

It is a tragic story heard all too often: An  employee, upset by reasons related or unrelated to the employer, gets access to weapons, goes on a rampage, and hurts or kills co-workers, family members, or strangers at work. Are these horrific events impossible to prevent? Post-incident interviews suggest that others may have known the employee was unhappy, but never imagined a tragedy would unfold. Review case studies that show security management practitioners how to spot red flags before an incident occurs.

Aviation Lessons on Combating Insider Threat

Shayne Bates, CPP

Principal Consultant, Stratum Knowledge, LLC

Theft, violence, smuggling, and sabotage are among the real insider threats that confront many organizations and the security professionals that support them. In no industry is there greater concern over insider threats than in aviation. Recent incidents of aircraft sabotage abroad have heightened the concern. Theft and smuggling rings in the U.S. have brought additional attention to mitigating insider threat. Join aviation security experts to examine new industry measures, vetting, identity management, access controls, and employee search protocols that are being implemented to enhance security in the aviation industry.


Medical Cannabis Security: From Seed to Sale

Tim Sutton, CPP

Director of Security, GHG Management

Case studies abound on every aspect of the medical cannabis industry. Cultivation, processing, and dispensing organizations have both shared and unique risks, and each state has its own set of rules, regulations, and governing bodies. From permit applications to patient sales, explore how the industry must demonstrate compliance with varying rules and regulations while providing a safe and secure environment for employees and patients. With twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia enacting laws legalizing medical cannabis, join in the discussion to learn how to secure this growing industry.