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CSO Center Leadership Series

The CSO Center Leadership Series is an exclusive, invitation-only virtual experience for CSO Center members bringing together the global community of senior security executives to explore a wide variety of critical issues and compare approaches and strategies to best prepare for an uncertain future. 

This three-part leadership series is focused on how senior security leaders can move beyond their title and position themselves as an asset within their organization and industry.

CSO Leadership Series: Executive Branding

As a CSO, you recognize that your strategic actions can make a noteworthy contribution and add value within your enterprise. But your title alone does not create a significant impact. Given that trust and credibility play essential roles in your position and success level, personal branding is an individual necessity and one that has the potential to boost your—and your organization’s—competitive edge. And branding affects more than just the executive; establishing a solid internal and external personal brand can encourage, empower, and equip those around you. So how do you know when you need to expand your personal brand as a leader and an executive? How can you position your reputation as a forward-facing executive? How might your enterprise leverage your brand and consider it an intelligent business strategy within the industry?

Answer these questions and more by joining your colleagues in an exclusive leadership series designed specifically for CSOs looking to move beyond their title and position themselves as a valuable asset within their organization and industry. The Executive Branding series consists of three 60-minute virtual sessions delivered by branding experts themselves.

03 May 2022 | 10 May 2022 | 17 May 2022

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Session 1 - 03 May 2022

Everyone Can Access Your Information: Does It Leave the Impression You Want?

Everything you do, say, and post online communicates a message. But is the message positioned to communicate credibility and the strong executive presence you want to impress in the security industry? In an online era, where anything posted can last forever, personal branding is considered more important than ever, especially when—as a CSO—you are responsible for developing, guiding, and leading others.

Attend the 60-minute virtual session via Zoom to:
  • Describe personal branding as an intentional effort to influence public perception
  • Outline personal and professional benefits of establishing an executive presence
  • Define your executive brand to tell your story and elevate your leadership credibility

Session 2 - 10 May 2022

You Must Stand for Something: Do You Want to Stand Out in the Crowd?

Personal branding communicates who you are as a CSO to not only those around you, but also to those you wish to lead and inspire. Establishing a solid executive brand is one of the best ways you can stand out both internally and externally, building trust and credibility. But, once your brand is determined, how can you to leverage it both inside and out of the security department for maximum effect?

Attend the 60-minute virtual session via Zoom to:
  • Showcase your strengths and how they can be clearly differentiated from others’
  • Determine what your brand means to your position in relation to the C-suite
  • Position yourself and others on your team to add value to your enterprise

Session 3 - 17 May 2022

It's Your Personal Brand: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

While your brand is ever evolving, the ability to stay true to your objective, core values, and integrity throughout the process, determines the overall strength of your executive brand. But, as your social media following continues to increase, considerable drawbacks may as well. As you continue to gain attention and notoriety, negative attention or potential risks is likely. How does this affect your stance and how might you best recover?

Attend the 60-minue virtual session via Zoom to:
  • Maintain a positive and consistent digital footprint during evolution of your brand
  • Consider how your brand may affect how you communicate personal and political stances
  • Evaluate your public profile and its level of physical risk

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CSO Leadership Series: Creating Strategic Partnerships to Assess and Mitigate Risk

Presented in 2021, this three-part leadership series focused on the role strong partnerships can play as a force multiplier in CSO success and is now available on-demand for CSO Center members.

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