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CSO Center Leadership Series - 2021

The CSO Center Leadership Series is an exclusive, invitation-only virtual experience for CSO Center members bringing together the global community of chief security officers and their deputies to explore a wide variety of critical issues and compare approaches and strategies to best prepare for an uncertain future. 

This three-part leadership series focused on the role strong partnerships can play as a force multiplier in CSO success and is now available on-demand for CSO Center members.


CSO Center Leadership Series Now Available On-Demand


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Threat Assessment in a Post-2020 World

The threat landscape has changed, and so must our approach to protecting and supporting the people inside our organizations. Whether the challenge is insider threats, biosecurity, investigations, or workplace violence, strong partnerships with legal and the human resources functions can make a big difference in evaluating risks, right-sizing responses, and allocating appropriate resources. Hear big picture trends through the perspective of human resources, followed by a conversation about how security fits.

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Rich Mason.jpg

Jordan Preisler, CPP,

VP of Global Security Operations & Process Excellence
NBCUniversal Media, LLC


Nick Schacht, SHRM-SCP
Chief Global Development Officer
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Rich Mason.jpg

Richard J. Mason
President & Chief Security Officer
Critical Infrastructure, LLC


Diana M. Concannon, PsyD
Associate Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Dean, California School of Forensic Studies
Director, California Psychology Internship Consortium
Alliant International University

Strengthening Agency Assets through Governmental and Federal Insights

CSOs and their deputies have a shared responsibility to ensure the overall infrastructure of their organization’s security and resilience, but it can be challenging to do so without strong partnerships with other private and governmental entities and agencies. Forging and reinforcing strategic partnerships with government agencies builds a more unified approach to risk assessments across sectors and regions while developing a direct channel for threat intelligence.

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Rich Mason.jpg

Avril Eklund, CPP
Head of Global Physical Security

Rich Mason.jpg

Richard J. Mason
President & Chief Security Officer
Critical Infrastructure, LLC


Karinda Washington
Acting Assistant Secretary of Partnership and Engagement
U.S Department of Homeland Security


Scott Breor
Associate Director for Security Programs
Infrastructure Security Division within the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Bradford Wilike.jpg

Bradford J. Willke
Senior Advisor, Stakeholder Engagement Division—Former Acting Assistant Director for SED
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Keeping Pace with Outside Threats through Strong External Partnerships

Perhaps now, more than ever, partnerships matter. When CSOs partner with others outside their organization to share expertise, policies, data, and analytics, they have an opportunity to not only address threats that can have a severe effect on organizations or countries outside of their own, but also establish strong long-term bonds that pay dividends during crises. Strategic partnerships are essential to build better levels of threat awareness, response capabilities, and resource sharing.

Access On-Demand

LisaOliveri round.jpg

Lisa Oliveri, CPP, PCI
Director of Global Safety and Security
Education Development Center
Chair, CSO Center Board of Directors


Richard J. Mason
President & Chief Security Officer
Critical Infrastructure, LLC


Marene N. Allison
Vice President Information Security & Risk Management
Chief Information Security Officer
Johnson & Johnson


Jack Donohue
Member, Board of Directors
Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI)


David Forscey
Managing Director, Aspen Cybersecurity Group
Aspen Digital

We extend a special thank you to our sponsors of the series, AlertEnterprise and Brivo, who have also provided the following resources for you:

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